Baltimore Mechanical Hvac
Baltimore Mechanical Hvac


Steam Heating should feel like a hug from your Grandma on a cold winters day

What we offer to our customers

Baltimore Mechanical HVAC in Winnipeg is a family owned business and we have a very firm  belief our customers deserve an excellent outcome any time we are asked to be of service. 

Our area of expertise covers heating and air conditioning service and installation.

Steam Heating

Apartment Block Systems

 Commercial and Residential. The age of the system is not a concern: we do modern and vintage steam heating.

Forced Air 

Residential and commercial any model or age: heating and cooling.

Hydronic Heating 

Hot water

Commercial and Residential


Roof top

Heating and Cooling

Make up Air Systems


New or Retrofit for any type of steam application any vintage

Department of Labour  Certification for Business Heating Systems

We are celebrating our  40th year in the HVAC  industry

Gasfitting :Residential,Commercial Industrial

Hug your kids,they are our future

We are licensed by the Manitoba Fire Commissioner for any size of gas installation.

We are qualified in Electronics by Mitt and we are currently taking the Electronic . Mechanical Interface course from Georgetown College Toronto

  • We do not believe in a mandatory diagnostic fee for any of  our service requests. We are tradesman and very proud of our ability to provide the best in our area of expertise.
  •  The time we spend at your premises will be dedicated to solving what is not functioning correctly. We are mechanical problem experts: we leave diagnosis to the medical profession.
  • We can and do install central  air conditioning in homes with hot water heat . Hot water heat does not mean you have to put up with window air  conditioning, We have in our opinion , the best sheet metal contractor in Winnipeg ,and they can literally install ducting in any environment.
  • I was employed by the Winnipeg School Division for twenty six years and I worked on and designed steam heating systems,forced air systems ,hydronic systems, and control systems for all the schools in the Winnipeg School Division. I spent twelve years as the Foreman of the Heating,Cooling and Controls shop for the Division. I retired  only to have my youngest son express an interest in the trade; so I have returned to what I love to do and I have the privilege of working with my boy.

Our Qualifications:

  • Red Seal Hvac Journeyman

  • Residential,Commercial,Industrial gas fitting

  • Electrical Electronic Controls

  • Limited Electrical License for Control Systems

  • Forty years of steamfitting experience

  • BA University of Winnipeg , Mathematics and Psychology degree  earned after seven years of night school.

  • We are in the HVAC business because quite frankly  there is nothing that interests us as a group more.  We really enjoy the HVAC business.
  •  We run across heating systems especially steam systems that are not working correctly because the installations are  very old and you have to be a student of steam heating to be able to return it to the design engineers specifications.
  • We are very interested in the history of heating : to be able to coach the old systems back to life, you have to know why and how the system was installed  before you can bring it back to specification.
  • Steam heating when it is correctly serviced does not, spit water , make noise,heat unevenly, cost more than other heating systems for gas usage.
  • We are experts at bringing  one pipe steam systems back to as close to design as possible. We have an extensive library of vintage heating books dedicated to one pipe steam. One pipe steam is still in many apartment houses and the systems are not being correctly service causing uncomfortable noisey operation. We promise you, after we service your system, you will go from hating your heating system to forgetting about it because it works.
  • Old heating systems are a wonderful way to travel back in history, you are looking at work done over 100 years ago and you marvel at the skill you see all around you


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